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How to Buy a Digital Camera

A modern photo camera is most likely going to have a digital sensor rather than use film. A good digital camera suitable for most consumers uses a backlit CMOS sensor. The term "backlit" has nothing to do with a light. Instead, it has to do with the circuits that power the chip being located on the back of the light-sensitive photodiode. The types of digital cameras fall into the point-and-shoot variety, APS-C entry level and semi-pro digital SLRs, and high-end full sensor pro digital SLRs. Good digital cameras for regular day-to-day use do not need to break the bank. However, if you want pro results, you need to lean toward getting a pro level camera. Camera prices can be less than a hundred dollars for a point-and-shoot to several thousand for a pro model.

How to Choose a Digital Camera

Choose a camera to fit the type of photos being taken. If all you need is a camera to grab some snapshots for the family photo album or social media sites, a good point-and-shoot will suffice. However, if you find you are getting into photography as a hobby, you will quickly outgrow the limitations of a point-and-shoot and will only be satisfied with a good digital SLR. SLR stands for single lens reflex. There are still film models made, and the term DSLR is for digital models. Choose cameras that aren't likely to cause you any trouble when it comes to buying camera accessories. Check into the cost for lenses, data cards, new batteries and other things typically needed before making a camera choice. Also, when it comes time to buy digital camera accessories or the camera itself, be sure to get it from a trusted company. This is especially important when buying a camera online.