BestAir Humidifier Cleaning Capsule HCC31

BestAir Humidifier Cleaning Capsule HCC31
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Tired of filling messy caps full of treatments from two different bottles? Simplify your humidifier care with The Humidifier Cleaner Capsule from BestAir! It has the dual action power to fight bacteria and mold growth while at the same time prolonging the life of your filter. The capsule is compatible with any type of humidifier and cleans your unit for up to 45 days. It prolongs the life of your wick by reducing the buildup of hard mineral deposits and its antimicrobial treatment prevents odor causing bacteria growth on the capsule. Features and Benefits: Reduces hard water mineral buildup in tank, base and filters Protects against odor causing bacteria and mold Keeps cleaning for up to 45 days Extends filter life For use in most humidifiers. For dual-tank units, or if the capsule does not fit inside water tank, simply place it into the base reservoir of the humidifier. Replace once every 30 to 45 days.